NA Hawaii

NA Hawaii HRSC Turtle ImageWelcome to the NA Hawaii website.

This site is administered on behalf of the Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups in Hawaii and Guam through their Hawaii Regional Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous.

On this site we publish information on what the NA program is, the meeting directories for Hawaii and Guam, NA events such as the regional convention and gatherings and how to contact NA in Hawaii and Guam. We also make various announcements under “Posts”. You may choose to subscribe to site announcements via the RSS feed. You can subscribe through your web browser and you will be notified when new announcements are made.

Please use our feedback form for suggestions, comments or questions to the webservant.

The Hawaiian sea turtle, or Honu, is a symbol for longevity in Hawaiian culture.  In Narcotics Anonymous, recovery is not a momentary event; recovery is a life long testament to living happy, joyous and free from active addiction. 

NA's literature, logos, trademarks, and symbols are held in trust by Narcotics Anonymous World Services on behalf of the NA groups and are used by permission on this website. The Hawaii Regional Service Committee of NA is solely responsible for the content of this website.