Human Resources Panel Announcement


Greetings to all. As stated in A Guide to World Services in NA, Regional Service Committees, Zonal Forums, and the World Board have the ability to forward potential candidates to the HumanResource Panel (HRP), for our consideration for nomination at the World Service Conference. The process is known as the “RBZ” process and the positions for consideration are WSCCofacilitator, Human Resource Panel member, and World Board member. Here is a link to more information on the RBZ process:

There are many ways for RSCs, Zonal Forums, and the World Board to know people who may be considered as potential candidates. Here are a few examples:

  • The service body may identify someone who has been a trusted servant in the past and exhibits leadership abilities
  • Someone from the NA community may approach the body and state that s/he is interested in gaining an “RBZ” recommendation from the body
  • An individual NA member may recommend another member they believe to be a viable candidate for HRP consideration

Options are not limited to this list. It will be important for each service committee to consider how they will decide to forward RBZ candidates. We encourage your committee to discuss and develop a process that works best for you. As a part of that, you will want to speak with the candidate before forwarding their name to the HRP. This will save time if the person is not interested.

Here is an RBZ checklist to take into consideration:

  • Consider the individual’s abilities and their qualifications for the position, using the information below
  • Provide the HRP with comprehensive details of the member’s suitability for the position
  • Be sure the member is aware of your recommendation
  • Note that this is a recommendation, not a nomination

Here is a link to our online form for RBZ submissions:  This form is to be completed by a member of the service body, not the candidate.

The DEADLINE for receipt of RBZ submissions is 30 September 2019. (Please note that this is a change from last cycle’s deadline of 31 October 2017)

Detailed discussion of each service position can be found in our service manual, A Guide to World Services in Narcotics Anonymous. Here are applicable links:

World Board:

Human Resource Panel:

WSC Cofacilitator: