NA Hawaii Virtual Meetings

During this emergency situation some of the NA Hawaii meetings that are closed are creating virtual meetings online. They are using services such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts and telephone conference calling.

Because of the difficulties involved with listing virtual meetings on our website the webservant and the webservant alternate is asking the Fellowship to list those virtual meetings with

They request the following information be sent to them through their “contact us” form:

    • Temporary (only during Covid-19 outbreak): Yes or No
    • Name of the Group:
    • Language:
    • Day of the Week:
    • Time (including timezone):
    • Format:
    • Connection details (link to enter or/and instructions how to access or/and any relevant information):

Please note that only lists meetings that follow the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous.

Please remember to inform of changes or deletion to these virtual meetings.

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