Contribute to the Hawaii Regional Service Committee

This “electronic” Seventh Tradition basket allows NA members to contribute via credit card or debit card to directly  support the work of the Hawaii Regional Service Committee so that it may provide services to the NA groups in Hawaii, Guam and elsewhere.

Please be assured that your financial information will be respected. We do not retain credit card numbers or otherwise use the information received for any other purpose than to process your contribution.

Please read our Privacy Policy for further information on how we use your personal and financial information as received through our website.

Our Seventh Tradition states:

Every NA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

This tradition guides us to not accept any contributions from those outside the NA fellowship.

Please click on the ‘contribute’ image below and you will go a page on PayPal’s secure site where you can make your donation. Please note you don’t have to be a member of PayPal to use the service, you can enter your debit or credit card information without joining PayPal:

Contributions Portal

Mahalo Nui Loa to our members in helping the Hawaii Regional Service Committee support those who carry the NA message to the addict that still suffers the horrors of addiction.

You may ask “What are these services and why does the Hawaii Regional Service Committee need funding?”

The Hawaii Regional Service Committee provides resources to the Asia Pacific Forum (APF) in the form of financial contributions and fellowship development. We send a representative to the annual APF meeting to share our support for their mission.

Hawaii Regional Service Committee provides financial assistance to Area Service Committees by funding projects within Public Relations and Hospitals and Institutions committees. Over the years we have stocked libraries and prisons with NA literature, have assisted areas with phoneline posters, provide insurance support for large NA events and held Service Learning Days to educate NA members on the service efforts necessary to support their groups.

All of these efforts are focused to assist newcomers and those addicts seeking to connect with NA. The Learning Days are the Region’s largest annual expense. We believe strongly in raising our members’ consciousness on the spiritual principles involved in service.

This then is the purpose of our service; so that no addict seeking recovery need die from the horrors of addiction.