Regional Service Office Hawaii

It’s come to our attention that Google Business lists a location and phone number when you search for “Narcotics Anonymous Hawaii”.

The Oahu Helpline has received requests to visit the service office, however we have no service office!

The information listed on Google Business is the address for our old Regional Service Office Hawaii from 1994.

Our last RSO was on Kapahulu Avenue in a two story office building next to Love’s Bakery. We were there for about 4 years, from 1990 thru 1994. The lot was sold after we left – today the location is a strip mall with a Safeway grocery store as its anchor tenant.

The telephone number listed is the Oahu Helpline.

We tried to correct Google Business but we cannot “verify” ourselves to Google’s satisfaction. Frustrating and hopefully we will be able to correct this error in the future …

Historical Note: For many years RSO Hawaii was the center of NA communications and growth in Hawaii. The RSO was one of the first ones in the NA fellowship. However in the early 1990’s its purpose had been fulfilled and there was less use of the office for meetings and sales of literature. We were guided to redirect the groups’ funds to continue our growth here in Hawaii and within the Asia-Pacific basin (through the Asia-Pacific Zonal Forum).

The Hawaii Regional Service Committee pursued and obtained not-for-profit status with the State of Hawaii Taxation and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service with the doing business as title, “Regional Service Office of Hawaii”.