Environmental Scan of Women in the Asia Pacific Forum

Fellowship Development has been an ongoing service effort by the Asia Pacific Forum for a number of years now. More recently the APF has supported the formation of a workgroup focusing on fellowship development for women. In order to look more closely at women in recovery the workgroup has created an opportunity for any member to provide input directly via this survey, or “environmental scan”. This will help focus our service efforts each cycle as we work towards our long-term goals.

It is hoped that this scan will capture what is working, as well as trends and issues both within and outside of the Fellowship; that affect women in recovery in the Asia Pacific Zone. It will help us identify and assess factors that are shaping our environment so we can better understand what women need in order to have access to NA, and recovery. It will provide insight into the potential challenges and opportunities we may face, and into the strategies we will need to put in place and the resources needed to fulfill those strategies.

This is the first time we have tried this approach in our planning process, so it may be a learning experience for us all. Based on the experiences and input received this time, we can refine or expand on the questions we ask in future surveys.

It would be useful to us if you could complete it as soon as possible in order to allow us to begin to analyse the data prior to the APF meeting. We would ask that if you are able, you complete this by January 31st 2019. The survey will be made available again during the 2019 APF for those who do not have the opportunity to complete it online.

Any member, female or male may complete this form, however the information we are looking to gather relates only to women. If you are in an NA community where there may be women who do not have access to this, we ask that you please take the time to support making it available to them – or complete the form letting us know the challenges in order for us to support all women in the Asia Pacific zone.

Please use the link below for the form to fill out. Thank you!