Meeting Schedule Changes due to the COVID-19 Emergency

March 16, 2020 – Throughout the State of Hawaii venues used for NA meetings are temporarily closing due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) emergency.

Groups are contacting the website to tell us if their meeting is temporarily closed or is meeting in another location. Some of the closures are only a couple of weeks but others are up to 60 days.

Our schedules are generated from a database. The updates are in real time however these changes are happening daily. We are asking for your kokua in understanding that our schedules may be inaccurate because of this emergency. We recommend calling the local NA helpline to verify if a meeting is still being conducted.

If you have meeting changes for us to post, please contact us through our update form.

We also understand that members are asking for an alternative to physically going to a meeting. We want to offer the following as a virtual meeting resource. We do not endorse this service and offer it as gesture of goodwill to our members caught up in a difficult situation: