Website Policy on Temporary Meeting Closures

The webservants discussed the current situation for website operation during this emergency situation and agreed on the following as our policy regarding temporary meeting closures.

When we are contacted by an RCM or a NA member through the meeting change form to temporarily remove a meeting from the schedule we are “un-publishing” the meeting in the Basic Meeting Listing Tool (BMLT) database.

Two things happen when we do this.

One, the meeting is removed from meeting searches and the printable meeting schedules.

Two, the meeting information is retained in our database and expedites our work in restoring the meeting to the current meeting lists in the BMLT.

We are asking that the Hawaii Fellowship – RCM or group member – inform us when the meeting is  reactivated.

We are also contacting NAWS to coordinate our schedules with their own database for active meetings.

Please help us announce this policy to the Fellowship.

May the blessings be,

Erik R, webservant
Eddie W, webservant alternate