Oahu 2020 Gathering Postponed


Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 the Annual OASC NA Gathering has been postponed.

The OASC NA Gathering Executive Committee has decided to postpone the OASC NA Gathering to April 2021 and the dates will be shared with the fellowship as soon as it is confirmed.

Please note that there are lots of logistics surrounding the OASC NA Gathering and lots of discussion was taken into consideration when the following decisions were made.

The OASC NA Gathering Committee would prefer that you stay registered for the event and use that registration towards the 2021 event. Our committee has been in the planning stages and refunds at this time may hinder the continued planning of the event.

With that being said, we will understand if you need to ask for a refund. You should be informed that should you request a refund and you want to re-register you will be paying the late fee or even a higher cost. DEADLINE to request a refund is April 17, 2020:

(808) 368-4332

We will not be giving refunds for pre-sale merchandise; pre-sale merchandise orders will be honored and distributed. Merchandise chair will be contacting you with details.

Our registration Chair will be sending out emails to all that has pre-registered on further instructions.

We hope that the fellowship understands that this is not something we wanted to do; but something that we had to do to keep our fellowship safe.

Should you have any questions please contact David L., NA Gathering Chair Phone – (808) 343 – 8054

Email – dlewis96795@gmail.com

NA OASC Gathering Chair David L.