NAWS – Financial Distress

NA World Services is in financial distress due to the current COVID-19 emergency.

Here are some of the cut backs implemented recently (as of this writing March 28, 2020):

    • Reduced hours at all World Service Offices (open only Monday thru Wednesday)
    • Reduction of employee hours to 20 hours a week
    • Lay offs to a portion of the staff in the Los Angeles office
    • Literature printing will halt until further notice (to reduce expenditures)
    • Outgoing shipments are restricted to one day each week

These restrictions will continue until NAWS can afford to restore the level of services previously provided.

These restrictions also affect the services provided to the World Board, associated work groups and the Fellowship at large.

The economic model for operation of the World Service Offices is based on the sales of literature. The current emergency shows the vulnerability of this model.

The best way for the future is a model based on NA member donations. Please donate to World Services by making a donation here:

And if you can make a monthly donation, please consider continuing to donate monthly. A suggested amount is one dollar for every year you have been clean.