Literature Deals, PR Survey, Virtual Meetings, SPAD




Hello everyone,

We are writing to let you know about some literature deals, to remind you about the PR survey, to give an update about virtual meetings, and to remind you about the SPAD project.

Literature Deals

The Chatsworth branch of the World Service Office is still closed to the general public, but we have been shipping out literature orders. We have added a new “Exciting Deals” section to the US, Europe, and Canada online stores, featuring deeply discounted special edition books and bundles. Check it out. Exciting Deals is the first option on the drop-down menu for each of our branches:

Currently we are featuring the 30th anniversary Basic Text, the commemorative Living Clean, and the special edition Guiding Principles at $15 each. For $20 more, at $35, you can get all three of those books bundled together, or you can purchase the commemorative Living Clean in a special laser-etched wooden box, or just the special wooden box. All of these are beautiful books that make great gifts. Please be aware: There are no exchanges or returns on these items.

PR Survey

Thank you to everyone who already filled out the survey we have posted at As we reported in NAWS News (, we posted this survey in cooperation with a couple of professional researchers who are “friends of NA.” They were impressed by how well the NA Fellowship has responded to the COVID-19 crisis, and want to collect data about that response to share with other professionals. This kind of research helps addicts find NA. When professionals who deal with addicts think highly of NA, they are more likely to refer addicts to us and help spread the word about our life-saving message. So thank you for helping with this, and please encourage members you know to fill out the survey.

Virtual Meetings

As conditions and regulations change in communities around the world, many groups that migrated online are considering whether to reopen in-person meetings. We know many groups intend to continue to hold virtual meetings even after the shut-down orders are lifted. Some plan to continue as hybrid meetings, and some intend to split the group into two separate meetings.

The topic of online meetings has been prioritized by the Conference, and we plan discussions for WSC 2022. We want to be sure whatever steps we take are deliberate and careful and reflect the conscience of the Fellowship. Until a change in policy happens we will continue to list online meetings, but not register them as groups.

Members can find online meetings on the NA Meeting Search page by selecting “web” or, in the case of phone meetings, “phone,” as the location in the country dropdown menu. Groups that have both a physical meeting place and a virtual meeting will have the same code assigned to both meetings. The group can decide how they want the online meeting information to display when members search our site—whether in the city that the in-person meeting takes place or when selecting “web” in the country dropdown menu, or both.

Many members have called and emailed us with concerns about reopening meetings. We do not know the details of the reopening plans for each community. We are hopeful that NA groups will discuss the details of any local requirements to be sure that they are able to honor both the guidance of our Traditions and any local guidelines as they attempt to reopen their meetings.

We have a couple of resources that may be helpful to groups as they consider the prospects of hosting face-to-face meetings. Here is a link to a statement posted at

Here are a few resources developed by local NA service committees intended to support the process for reopening:

We continue to receive and post materials on our Virtual Meeting page, here is that link:

You can find a link to The Group Booklet on our literature page:

SPAD Front-end Input

We’ll close with a reminder that the Spiritual Principle a Day book project needs members’ writing. As we participate in conversations about whether to reopen meetings, we practice principles such as communication and cooperation. Both of these principles are among fresh batch of spiritual principles and quotes posted on the project page: Also just posted are accountability, encouragement, independence, joy, passion, reliability, self-support, and thoughtfulness. Please share your experience, strength, and hope in writing!

Take care everyone. Thank you for all you do for NA.

Yours in service,

World Board