Narcotics Anonymous on Instagram


We have exciting news to announce: NA World Services has launched an Instagram account. You can find us at  We were hoping for a simpler user name, but “narcoticsanonymous” and all of the variations were already taken. The user name of the account may change in the future if one of these options becomes available. Regardless, you will be able to find the account by searching for “NA World Services,” “NA,” or “Narcotics Anonymous.”

Since ours will be a business account, it must be public, according to Instagram policy. That means if you are on Instagram and you choose to follow World Services’ account, your account information will be visible to others. If you have anonymity concerns you could make sure your name and user name do not mention a last name. Or you could choose not to follow the account and simply click through regularly.

We see Instagram as a fun and easy way to announce events and deadlines, post pictures or video clips, and share your local NA content. If you have a picture—no faces please—or a short video clip about NA you’d like to submit send it our way: We can’t promise we will post everything we receive, but if the image or video is high quality, preserves member anonymity, and seems like it would have wide interest in the Fellowship, we might. Let us know what you think!

In service,

World Board