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This post includes news about:

Virtual Meetings Best Practices

Plans for WSC 2022/2023

60th Anniversary Little White Book

Spiritual Principle a Day approval draft

Addressing Predatory, Disruptive, or Violent Behavior

Website Shortcuts

Virtual Meetings

We have posted a draft of a new piece of service material, Virtual Meetings Best Practices: NA members around the world have helped to create this piece by sharing locally developed resources and by participating in the web meetings we have been hosting for the last two years. The new draft tool covers a range of topics, including keeping meetings secure from disruption, welcoming newcomers, and practicing the Seventh Tradition.

We encourage you to review the draft posted on the Toolbox project page, where you will also find a short survey to gather input until 30 November. You are welcome to complete the survey as an individual member or with others in a group or service event setting.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with the project so far. We look forward to publishing this new, much-needed, piece of service material soon.

WSC Plans

Conference participants have decided to adopt the World Board’s recommendation that the World Service Conference be pushed to 2023, in the hopes that we will be able to gather safely in person then. In the meantime, there will be an interim, virtual WSC meeting in 2022 to make the decisions necessitated by law or policy as well as decide on the Spiritual Principle a Day book..

We intend to publish an interim combined CAR/CAT (Conference Agenda Report/Conference Approval Track) document by the upcoming CAR publication date, which is 24 November in English, 24 December for the translated versions. We also will post an updated version of A Guide to World Services in NA soon that includes the new deadlines and recent related decisions by Conference participants.

The two recommendation reports from the board posted on contain more information.

Little White Book Input Deadline

Don’t forget: the deadline to give input on the 60th anniversary Little White Book (LWB) being proposed is coming up. As a reminder, we would like to publish a version of the LWB that includes the stories from all of the different language versions.

A Guide to World Services in NA explains that, “If a local NA community with a history of successful translation efforts wishes to develop local stories, they may do so for the Little White Book.” In line with this policy, 13 language versions of the LWB include local stories. We would like to combine English translations of all of these stories, together with the eight stories in the English LWB, under one cover. The Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust allows the World Board to bundle and repackage already published NA literature providing 120-day notice is given to the Fellowship. We posted that notice in June, and the deadline for input is 31 October. For more information see the June 2021 Notice for LWB posted at


We are finalizing the approval draft of the Spiritual Principle a Day Book. It will be published electronically as an appendix to the English 2022 Interim CAR/CAT, and we intend to make bound copies available for $10 plus shipping and handling from When the draft is available for purchase, we will email members to let everyone know.

Addressing Predatory, Disruptive, or Violent Behavior

Our most recent open webinar was focused on creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere in NA. We will post a report and audio recording from that webinar to soon. In the meantime, we have collected policies, workshop outlines, statements, and other tools related to the topic and posted them on our local service resources page: If you have any locally developed resources on the subject, please send them to so that we can post them.

Website Shortcuts

Did you know that many of our webpages have shortcut addresses that are easy to memorize? Several of them are listed in this email, and in previous NAWS Update emails posted at You can find a complete list of website shortcuts posted at the bottom of

If you have any questions about these topics or anything else, reach out and ask: We welcome your input and ideas.

Yours in service,

World Board