World Board Announces Sponsorship Webinar


We have two announcements for you today:

Sponsorship Day

Sponsorship Day is 1 December. To celebrate, we are planning a webinar the following Saturday 4 December, 11am-1pm, Pacific Standard Time. We’ve asked members from around the world to share about their experiences, including the joys of sponsorship, long-distance sponsorship, looking for a sponsor after yours has passed, and even one NA region sponsoring another.

Meeting ID: 816 9027 7423 Passcode: 1953

Also, we have two new gift bundles that include the sponsorship medallion. Combine the medallion with a keychain to hold it for $10 (item #9603B in our webstore,) or you can purchase both the keychain and medallion with a page-a-day calendar for $25 (item #9500B in our webstore). You can also purchase the sponsorship medallion or calendar individually (item #9603 and item #9500  respectively). To order any of the items, click on the links in the item numbers or enter the item number in the search bar of our webstore:


We have a new way to contribute to World Services. If you text the word VISION to the number 801801, you will get a link that takes you right to our contribution page We’re trying this new method because it may be more convenient for members in meetings on mobile devices and it’s easy to announce in meetings and events.

We have posted a slide about text-to-give for meetings and events in the on-screen resources section of the virtual meetings page:

We will be emailing again this month when we have posted the Interim Conference Agenda Report / Conference Approval Track material.

In service,

World Board