October 2017 Electronic NA Way Magazine

Welcome to the October 2017 electronic NA Way Magazine, NA’s worldwide recovery journal!

In this issue

Electronic Enhancements

  • Cover Poster (click the cover)
  • A Look Back—Marking 20 Years of The NA Way in its current format:
    • Page 2: The original “Home Group” comic strip
    • Pages 3, 5, 6, & 7: Articles from the June and October 1997 NA Way 
    • Page 9: Printable version of A Vision for NA Service
    • Page 9: Original NA Way article from October 1997
  • Links throughout, including links to many area, regional, and zonal forum websites

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Your electronic version of The NA Way Magazine is provided in PDF format, which allows you to view the magazine as it appears in print form (plus it’s in color instead of black and white). PDF files are large, so you may want to download it to your local hard drive and then open the file.