SPAD Book Project

Hello! We write with a quick reminder that the first batch of drafts for the Spiritual Principle a Day Book Project is available for your review. Please make some time to review all or part of what we’ve put together and give us your input.

You’ll find everything you need to participate in review and input (R&I) at—the Spiritual Principle a Day (SPAD) Book Project landing page, including:

  • R&I drafts to download: 12 entries on each of four spiritual principles
    • unity
    • acceptance
    • surrender
    • love
  • Two versions of a form you can use to submit your input
    • An online version, which can be completed from any connected device (Please enter your input via this online form if you can—thanks!)
    • A form that you can download and print
  • Background on the project, information about how we used material from the Fellowship to develop these entries, and tools for creating more material

Your input will shape the rest of the book including entries we’re working on now, so please consider getting your two cents in sooner rather than later. The deadline for input on this first batch of R&I is 1 September 2019.

Please feel free to send your questions, concerns, or other comments about the R&I process to You can also send messages for project staff to

In service,
Your World Board